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He could remember everything from last night. The way she looked, the way she smelt, and the way she felt around him. There was nothing else he wanted to do than to have last night again. But, he couldn't as the mostly nameless woman walked out his house in the middle of the night and he was too much of a coward to have asked for her to stay.

Shaking his head, he rolled over and checked his phone. And I didn't fuck up! I'll see you later today! Laughing, Peeta shook his head at his friend. He knew how much pressure Finnick had put himself under to impress Annie on the date and he was glad that his friend was happy. Never in the many years that he knew Finn, did he ever see his friend use so many exclamation points in a text. Do you mind coming over early to help me cook? I can use another hand around here.

His relationship with Madge was definitely an interesting one. They met in high school when Delly introduced them.

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At first, it started out as innocent infatuation on his end for the beautiful blond and by the time their sophomore year began with the very constant urging of a determined Delly , he finally mustered up the courage to ask Madge out. They were basically each other's firsts for almost every romantic milestone for every teenager: They had been dating for nearly three years when they realized that whatever spark there was in their relationship was long gone and somehow, somewhere, unbeknownst to them, in the middle of applying to university and finishing up their final year, they transitioned from intimate, romantic lovers to more of merely platonic best friends.

The decision to end their long term relationship was mutual and it shocked not only their families, but also their entire high school as the destined "Golden Couple" to wed had separated just weeks before graduating, but still remained good friends. Rumors spread that one of them was unfaithful, but Peeta, Madge, and even Delly knew that the relationship had ran its course and Peeta and Madge were better off as best friends.

However, for years after the breakup, Peeta and Madge endured numerous attempts by each family to reunite the couple. A year or two into college, both of their moms tried their hand at reuniting the couple by persuading Madge and Peeta to go on supposedly separate blind dates. Their mothers failed to remember that Peeta and Madge talked to one another nearly every single day and both quickly discovered days before their dates were that their "blind dates" were one another days.

Since then, their families had stopped with the antics and almost begrudgingly accepted reality. Peeta, you and I both know very well that if I ended up cooking this lunch, we'd probably get food poisoning somehow. Peeta cringed at the text.

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Yes, Peeta knew well enough how inept Madge was in the kitchen. He had first hand experience of her skills in the kitchen, or lack thereof actually, when they were dating and she thought it would be romantic to cook a dinner for him. Both ended up at home during spring break with food poisoning and ever since, he has been wary to eat anything Madge has made.

Oh, that is too true. I'll be there in about an hour. I'll have to stop by the store to grab groceries. I'll send you a picture of my fridge and pantry so that you don't double up on stuff. The photos of the fridge and pantry definitely belonged to a person who had no idea what she was doing in the kitchen. The fridge held a tower of take out boxes, beer, some eggs and dairy product and the pantry had cans of unidentifiable products.

Um, honestly, I was either going to call for take out for us or ask you to help me out. Obviously, I went with the latter since Annie and Delly became health-freak nuts and have been lecturing everyone about the unhealthiness of take out. Shaking his head, he got up to get ready and head over to the grocery store down the block before heading to Madge's. The store and your house are walking distance from mine, but I didn't think about having to carry enough groceries to feed five adult mouths, two of them being mine and Finnick's, and we both know how well we can put away food.

You know, one of these days I am going to successfully teach you how to cook a meal. Second was in college and you almost burned down my parent's kitchen. Could you help me please. Its got the words 'Ladies and gentleman thank you for flying with us, we are about to enter New York. The chorus or click of the song goes like this: Its a male artist. A fast dancing song.. Heard a track last week and cant find it anywhere, although it may be because ive got the lyrics wrong.

Not sure of the title but it could be: Sung by a female or a male and female duet. Just curious, how old are you? SOME not all 90s riddims are derivatives of 80s tunes but just like it was for Hip-Hop the 90s was the golden era for Dancehall. Classic riddims from this time period include: It may not have been a new song at that time. The beginning lyrics are: I loved the song as did everyone I played it for at parties. I would love to know the name so I can find it again. I highly recommend it to all if anyone can identify it.

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Thanks for your time. Roast Faced Dinner 2: Some lyrics may be wrong but it went something like this "Went to a session the other night met this girl she was out of sight, the girl she was a bubalo oh ho a champion bubalo" Think there may be some sort of discussion from a teacher along the lines of "what did you do in you holidays" then goes back into song May possibly be confusing two songs here not sure RFD.

Can someone help me? The lyrics goes something like "Why are you leaving, you said you will never leave me grieving". I thought the singer was Gentleman but I have been searching all over with no results. Hopefully, one of you guys can remember the song, anyone? It just goes on for about 7mins and no actual other words that I can remember, just some jibberish in between, like "Jamaica aya, dumfibrilate..

Anyone any idea pls post back. Girl you, I , I , Love you oo oo, girl you I , I how you tickle my fancy, tingle up my vibe if your love was currency, I would accept bribe woman you got a hold on me, when will you let me go just like a burning spliff at night you make my eyes just glow O O O aooow: I am looking for 2 reggae songs. It has been over 20 yrs since I have heard them. I think they were on a strictly reggae ablum or something like that.

Songs go something like this.. The other song goes Give it up, give up the loving cause she don't want no more from you cause I can do what you can't do.. I keep thinking maybe Tiger or cobra or someone like that sings one of them. Thanks for any info.. It's a female vocalist and I've heard it a couple of times in the last week on the radio, so it could be a more recent release date maybe less than 5 years old.

This should be an easy ID for reggae DJs. I've exhausted all methods to find it. The song is like a reggae rap and almost every line of the song ends with the artist saying more. I cannot remember any lyrics but I really liked it. Can anyone help me out with the artist and maybe real title of this song? I've just joined this forum as I'm desperately trying to find a name of a certain track and I'm finding it hard to find I really hope anyone may know it..

Im hoping somebody can help me. The first one i thought sounds like Elephant Man, but im not sure. All the song says is something "Ay yayayaya ay ya ay ya " and thats about all i can remember it says. Not many lyrics to it, just a fast paced song to dance to. I think he says Jamaica first before he breaks out with the "Ay yayay ay ya ay ayaya". Im not sure who sings it but whoever the artist is reminds me of Lukie D for some reason, his voice.

The lyrics go something like chorus: Nobody couldnt take your placeee And then the chorus again. If i can atleast find the riddim ill be able to find the track. Lol its just what it sounds like the artist is saying. I love my dancehall tho. Lol now if only i can figure out that other song ughhh lol its been stuck in my head for yearsss It starts like this Mehda, Mehda, Meeh I will appreciate your help.

It sounds like they say "you have da peenie ponie peenie ponie pe". I know I didn't get the words correctly but I've heard this song for years and I still can barely understand or find it. Please help me out. Thank you so much. It starts like this: Boom shaka tak - Born Jamericans Reggea Version 2. Y - Cocotea 3. The way you love me - D Fex 4. Boom bye bye - Buju Banton 5. Type writer - Loui Rankin 6. The stopper - Cutty Ranks 7.

Young girl business - Chaka Demus 8. House call - Shabba Ranks 9. Thing-a-ling - Shabba Ranks Trailer load a girls - Shabba Ranks Get Lively - Taxman Thanks a lot. Life Muddup- Peter Metro 2. Winner - fragga ranks 3. Sorry Part 2 - junior rodigan, and the last one I dont know artist or name of song but its on the " you should have known riddim" and the chorus goes - see dem ah see dem ah see dem ah run come, watch how the girls them come fi have some fun. Bulla john aslo sang rod of correction on that version of that riddim, thx in advance.

Good vibes from Mexico. You got this one. Just found it on YouTube. Still got the cassette mixtape too. I am looking for an reggae album from before , I remember 2songs from that album, the lyrics were like: Who was the artist, where to find the record? Police in helicopter Zig sire That one that goes super woman lyrics When I wake up in the morning. You bring me breakfast in my bed. And when I need a little sugar. That's when you go to my head.

What's that one called. I just made a mix and about half the songs and almost all of them were already listed. I have one to add: I also have a song, that I loved in the 90s but it could be from any time period before that. I taped if from a Sunday radio reggae show that I always listened to..

It is a female singer, and my memory might be a bit foggy but it goes something like this. Me no want best friend.. Let me tell you story 'bout the girl lived next door to me What her name again.. She had a best friend Dance Hall Rock - Barrington Levy and Cuty Ranks, listen to the bass at and acid acoustic mixes, i need to know about a dancehall reggae song, it sounds something about like this: MOney, Money, Money, Moneyyyyyy Come check what's happening here.

DJ Remix Detroit Roast Faced Dinner Roast Faced Dinner 3: Not sure about the word bubalo but that's what it sounded like. DJ Johnny' O DJ Johnny' O 1: I was listening to a Reggae station in the area of Clifton, NJ and I didn't look at the name of the station. I did note the time as 7: At the end I caught the D. I didn't catch the last name.


He said the song was called. The only lyric that stands out is "I've got a fire burning in my soul. Please help me find this song! I remember it going: This was the music the that was played on the private bus routes in Panama. Ahhhhh that brings me back. What was the one that keeps repeating in the chorus gunshot dem boom? Nice chunes that take me waaaay back! I've been looking for a reggae song I heard passively years ago and I hope someone can help.

I think its a remix or remake of murder she wrote sang by a man whom I suspect to be Pliers. The riddim is softer not Bam Bam riddim. The only part I can remember is the chorus that sounds like "All I know is murder, muder she wrote". Will be very glad if someone can help.. I had it on a mix tape from Trinidad back in the mid 90s, but I was borrowing it from my brother so I don't know when he first got it.

Anyway I was in a car accident and the tape got scrapped with the car, and I have been looking for this song ever since I don't remember all the lyrics, but the lyrics I remember go something like this where I put [something] it's because I can hum it but don't remember the words. And the words I did get may be a bit off, it's what I could remember "something about the way that you walk, you know you got me hypnotized Something about the way that you [something] You know [something something something something] I need your love Yes I need [something] [something something something] For your love I pray Every time you come my way I want to hug ya, squeeze ya, kiss ya, please ya Yeah yeah yeah [something something], oh with my love Something about the way that you [something] [somethong somethin, something] my body yeah yeah yeah yeah Da da da da da da da da daaa Daa.

Da da da da da da da da da Daa. And these are the notes to match those da's on the piano: I believe it's from the late 80s or early 90s. Don't be surprised if I tell you that I need high grade, morning, noon and evening And the ultimate reason I smoke is to find a higher meditation.

The best reggae mix ever. Theres a song on 7 that goes " All them a talk about gun dem dont know it like me, cause me a rude boy in na the country" anyone know the artist of title? PLEASE if you know the artist, name of the track or better yet if its posted online would be grateful. I've searched the whole album so I think it probably was never released. I remember listening to it around Would anyone have a clue or remember a remix to that song?

Everybody Is Laughing About This Photo Of Delly At The Party

The chorus went "Send me your love baby everyday". It doesnt have any of the "with a dozen roses Hopefully someone can help me with this one? Any help on this would be great! I need yall help once again pleaseeeee. Looking for a fast paced reggae or dancehall song that all i seem to remember says "aah to the gee to the gee to the jay" Its fast paced, makes you wanna dance. Im almost pretty sure its from Barrington Levy. All i remember is that he says "swiiiiing. Swiddley daddley diddley woooooooah".

I checked Broader than Broadway, but thats definitely not the same beat i remember. Im thinking maybe some other artist took that part from the song, when Barrington sings "swingggg, woah" and added it one of their own songs? Kind of like a tribute or a remix to him?? Ahhhhh im at a losses end with this one. I cant think of any other songs with a tribute to the great Barrington Levy. Maybe a dancehall or hip hop song??

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This mix will take you on a cruise around the carribean and keep you dancing the entire time. I cant believe i covered over 80 songs in 80 mins! There is a link in the description for you to DL it if you wish. I'm looking for an old dancehall song with the singer laughing in the chorus. Not "maddy maddy cry" or "granny" Thanks. It's Gregory Peck - laughing peck Thanks bro. I can't remember the artist name too. He was a dark fellow.

There was a music video for it too.

Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women) Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women)
Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women) Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women)
Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women) Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women)
Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women) Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women)
Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women) Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women)
Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women) Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women)
Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women) Dellys Last Night (Go Get Em Women)

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