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Tu es Petrus - Altus Sheet Music by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

Latin words; English translations printed as text before each piece. Notated Music O Domine Jesu: Notated Music Super flumina Babylonis: Includes keyboard reduction for rehearsal only. Results per page 25 50 Original Format Notated Music. Date to 8 to 32 to 1 to 1 to 2. Location Italy 1 Venetiis 1.

Library of Congress 1 Performing Arts Encyclopedia 1. Laurence Karl Johann 1 More Contributors. Access Condition Available Online As is customary, several movements feature reduced scoring, with the canonic voice dropping out in most cases, permitting greater compositional freedom.

Finally the second Agnus expands to six voices through the addition of a bassus secundus, bringing the Mass to a sumptuous conclusion. Both of these notational devices, but especially the second, are highly archaic for the s, and perhaps suggest a young composer demonstrating his mastery of the technicalities of music theory.

Missa Ad coenam Agni is no dry compositional exercise, however: The Mass is based on a plainsong Hymn dating probably from the seventh century. Palestrina also set this Hymn for use in the Office liturgy: As is customary in polyphonic Hymns, Ad coenam Agni providi is set alternatim, with the odd-numbered verses being selected for polyphonic treatment in this case.

There are therefore four polyphonic verses interspersed with three sung to the chant, and Palestrina achieves a remarkable level of variety in treating the tune. The second polyphonic verse is similarly imitative in style, but on a much broader scale: The final verse expands to five voices with the addition of a second tenor, and is the longest and most exuberant of the four.

Surrexit pastor bonus and the eight-part Regina caeli one of two eight-voice settings of this Marian antiphon are of the very finest quality. Much use is made of antiphonal repetition, with the second choir shadowing the first either at the same pitch as in the opening phrase or lower as a form of echo technique.

Transcription and Analysis of Willaert's Ave Maria - Andrea Angelini

He worked mainly on commission for other printers and booksellers. Like many of his colleagues he printed a great variety of books on many different subjects, from architecture to literature, and from astronomy to history and music. Most publications were in the vernacular, but he also published books in Latin, Greek and Spanish.

From to he published at least thirty-two books of music and a book of music theory.

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The remainder of his first editions were directly commissioned by composers or third parties. He also undertook to reprint well-known choral anthologies by famous composers of the time.

One of these is the anthology entitled Mottetti del Fiore. The full title of the work is Mottetti del Fiore a Quattro voci novamente ristampati, et con somma diligentia revisti et corretti. In Venetia, Appresso Francesco Rampazetto.

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Cantus, Tenor, Altus, Bassus. In tutto opuscoli quattro. Mottetti del Fiore for Four Voices, newly reprinted and diligently revised and corrected. In Venice, by Francesco Rampazetto. In all, four volumes. Paignier Dum aurora … N. Gombert Fuit homo … N.

Tu es Petrus - Altus Tu es Petrus - Altus
Tu es Petrus - Altus Tu es Petrus - Altus
Tu es Petrus - Altus Tu es Petrus - Altus
Tu es Petrus - Altus Tu es Petrus - Altus
Tu es Petrus - Altus Tu es Petrus - Altus
Tu es Petrus - Altus Tu es Petrus - Altus
Tu es Petrus - Altus Tu es Petrus - Altus
Tu es Petrus - Altus Tu es Petrus - Altus

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