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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Dreaming a Reality Lyrics Is this what it's like A dream lacking serenity? From the Depths of Dreams Senses Fail. Free Fall Without a Parachute. Handguns and Second Chances. It is terribly embarrassing to admit to people you aren't sure if something actually transpired. I found one article here on the web, that pronounced me psychotic. I am doubting this. I have functioned quite well my entire 62 years on this planet. Any input would be most welcome. A few years ago, I had some sleep issues and regularly experienced sleep paralysis without hallicunations or frightening experiences.

After having experienced sleep paralysis a couple of times, I developed ways to 'escape' from the paralysis by trying to move my fingers or toes. One time, I managed to wake up from sleep paralysis using this technique, and moved out of my bed and into my bedroom. I vaguely remember to get dressed and to look in a mirror when my view distorted.

Suddenly I was back in bed, paralysed again. This was the most convincing period of a false awaking. I remember having experienced more often to be able to become awake and move a bit during sleep paralysis with a lot of effort sitting up straight in bed, falling out of bed, things like that , which later turned out to be false as well. During these experiences the false awakening were sometimes multiple. First, I must say that I am a neuroscience graduate student. My undergrad was in Psychology and Philosophy, and I think about this stuff quite a bit. After the status drop, here is what I have experienced: I have been through false awakenings, sleep paralysis, and lucid dreaming.

I have also used many mind-altering substances.

I don't know how to explain this in a way that others will understand, but I think that there are many alternative realities. I can't explain why I feel this way other than this: I feel like humans are made up of cells, cells work in concert to create an individual and an individual interacts with other individuals. As individuals, we strive to make something greater, and I think that our cells work towards that.

However, as individuals, we make many mistakes. Some of those mistakes are fatal, but in some ways I feel that our cells are immortal. They can expand across space and time, and they have done this many, many times before. Perhaps the way that our cells share there knowledge is through dreams. Who knows what time and space are, I suppose that I don't believe that time moves forward linearly, even though it appears to do so.

Time and space are very strange things, and we can't understand them as humans. Perhaps in some century we will, but not now. I guess this probably sounds crazy, but, you know what? I've been drinking a bit, and I'm willing to share some crazy ideas right now.

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Hopefully this won't come back to bite me later That is an extremely interesting outlook on dreams vs reality, I most definitely would not consider it 'crazy'. With a mind wide open, you only attempt to wrap your mind around this concept. I forgot about this post for a bit, thanks for reminding me. Any way back to business, before christmas i fell asleep on the sofa after a long day at work and woke up woke in a dream. I sat up and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, My wife came downstairs she did not look like my wife but i knew she was.

She was in a bad mood and started arguing about something that happened on a previous day. After that row the phone went off and she answered the phone and i went back to the sofa and dozed off and fell asleep again.

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When i woke my real wife was going to bed i could hear her in the bathroom brushing her teeth. I remembered the dream like it was real and went upstairs to make sure that it was my real wife happy to say it was. What really batters my head is how real and naturally i reacted in the dream and this is not the first time i have dreamed like that the woman in the dreams is a constant shares my wifes name my house and local area is the same as reality. Honestly it is an utter head f k, was talking to someone at work about it and they thought i was joking and when i said it wasn't a joke they just implied i made it up and tried to make me look like a dick in front of some of my friends.

Enough about narrowminded people. Like i said in my other post sometimes in these dreams there is no one around and it feels normal. One idea i had about this is in relation to a computer booting up and not loading correctly and glitching,' windows is not responding'.

If a version of me is present in multiple realities could the multiverse computer glitch and boot my mind in the wrong reality? Then correct it self when its clear a mistake has been made?. I have had recurring dreams where a little demonic girl would grab me by the arm, as I am struggling to try and escape her grasp she starts getting more dangerous.

I have woken up with unexplained bruises and have begun to feel concerned for my safety in my dreams. Either I can see what is attacking me or it will not appear in front of me but I can still feel the presence emanating from whatever it may be I am only 17 and have been looking into my dreams for about 7 or 8 months now finding that there is a big significance involving reasons behind you dream what you dream and how all of this seems to connect if you really look behind the lines. Knowing that I am dreaming seems common but in the most real way it is hard to describe. It is as if I have made another altered reality to my satisfaction.

I always find people staring at me in my dreams, ready to attack me or block me from where I want to be. Whenever I have these dreams I feel in the state of sleep paralysis It is beginning to feel more frequent and I really cant control when it happens I would love to hear more about what you are trying to discover I cannot tell the difference between my dreams and reality anymore.

It seems like thy have merged into one. Another dream I have been experiencing is being in bed with people or just myself. Not being able to move, just turning my head side to side I no longer connect with these people who seem to keep reappearing in bed with me and hiding something from my partner that I know I would never hide is another issue. E-mail me if you have any other questions or concerns about my OBEs, S. P or Lucid dreams I have a lot more that I could talk about I've encounter this many times,yet i didn't take this seriously.

O and i believe it for few months already. I am nineteen years old and I have been lucid dreaming for years now. I used to fall asleep and plan different adventures every night. Then I heard of people accessing memories and I tried to access something I had written about years prior. I ended up having my first false awakening and it scared me have to death because I never felt like I actually woke up.

When I was trying to access the memory, I started to feel uneasy and the scenery started to change without my control so I "woke" myself up, at least I thought I did. I woke up in my room, and I could here my family downstairs and everything was exactly how it was when I went to sleep except I couldn't move or speak. I was completely paralyzed and I started to hearing voices.

When I finally woke up, it didn't feel like I opened my eyes, it felt more like a veil was lifted. Since then I have stopped the planned lucid dreaming. From time to time, if I realize that i'm dreaming I will manipulate it slightly but I never access memories anymore. The false awakenings still haven't stop, sometimes they are mundane, but sometimes they are really stressful situations that all take place where I fell asleep.

I usually have multiple awakenings a night and they are starting to make me doubt my memory. My biggest fear, and a fear that I am aware of in my dreams, is the fact that I might actually be acting my dreams out while i'm asleep. Im scared that I will desensitize myself to the sleep paralysis and start acting my dreams out in reality. Hello, I am Denielle and I am 18 years old. I have had false awakenings and lucid dreams for months now.

I am so used to it that it no longer scares me; though the other night, I woke up in sweat and so frightened. I was confused about where I was or what had happened, but I could remember the dream very clearly. What is odd, it that I can recall almost every dream in great detail. Each is eery and a creepy setting.

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Also, I have been wondering if perhaps I have been astral projecting. When I was 16, i began studying astral projection and taking online classes. I could never master the process. I stopped my study after I had turned 17; I realize it does take much more time, but because of school, I needed all of the time I could get.

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About twelve weeks after I gave up on it, I began dreaming and waking up remembering them. They get clearer and clearer every day. I hope I have helped with anything. If there is any information you could give me about my case, please get back to me. Thank you for your time. I have false awakenings all the time yesterday was the last one, it was a short one, i let my dog out for the toilet and fell asleep on the sofa for a few mins, in the dream got up to get a bottle of water out of the fridge and started drinking it, i was then woken up by sammy barking to come in, let him in and then i reached went to get a drink and there was no drink there.

I went to the fridge and it was in the fridge. This one caught me off gaurd. I have managed to an extent to control a dream if i can realize i'm in a dream, this is the kicker you have to realize it is a dream, the eery and a creepy feeling is a good indicator that its a dream and this will go away once you calm down and tell your mind you are in control. What also helps is looking after your body and the fuel you fill it with. Another good indicator is counting your fingers in the dream, i am not going to tell you what happens because i don't want to plant ideas in your head.

The reality dreams that i have are not like normal dreams because i can recall them like memories sometimes i think to myself witch version of reality is real this one now or the one i think im dreaming? In the quantum world molecules can be in multiple locations at the same time whilst still maintaining a connection so the theory says.

So could it be possible for us to be in multiple locations , after all we are all made of tiny molecules. Look at these two words, and think of them as two versions of you. So if you still maintain a connection at a molecular level could your mind have the ability to connect to that other life in some way?. I get these off and on. I'm 53 and it's been going on at least since I was I often experience several "layers". Sometimes I do the getting-up-for-the-day routine, but often the "waking" only takes me into a different dream. I find them frightening, because I keep trying to wake up, but I can't.

It's like drowning in a dream world. I really wish someone who is trained and qualified would do some research on this. It can be very upsetting. I read somewhere that they believe it's associated with stress and anxiety in normal life. I've had some very stressful situations and not had these dreams, so I don't think that's true. I've never taken street drugs and have very rarely used prescription painkillers. My doctor once prescribed me Ambien, but after reading about the side effects I never took it.

Whatever reason I have these dreams, it's not due to stress, drugs or anything of that nature. These types of eyeglasses live in model not merely for their celeb attraction but in addition as they are high quality and also sensible. Kobe Bryant won't be labeled Black color Mamba devoid of lead to or maybe rationale. They're some sort of. I am in my mid 60's and fit. I do experience false awakenings but only with lucid and vivid dreams. With these dreams, sometimes I am aware that I am in a dream, and test my sensations of touch, a sensation in a dream that is either absent or very vague.

Now, I can test these sensations, and can feel the touching of objects and even parts of my body.

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The last vivid and lucid dream was that I woke up walked around my apartment, and then looked out the window to see a strange landscape. I said to myself 'this is not right' and then I went back to bed, and then woke up again to reality. What every person would like to do, is to have control as to what he or she wants to dream about! But then, if that were possible would you want to even wake up at all!? Then reality would be the dream, or the nightmare!!! Lately I've been waking up in a dream for several times. I experienced Waking up in a dream twice or thrice..

Sometimes when I wake up I will still feel bad about what I did or saw in my dreams because it seems so real and it Takes me a lot of time to realize it is only but a dream.. There was a time I got so frustrated about something because I don't know if it happened in one of my dreams or in my reality.. Is there any solution to it? Thanks for your article by the way.. It began with me in a movie theater I was with familiar friend and we happen to be there after close I assume deserted. We stumbled upon Christmas boxes and collections of older junk. I have a friend who frequents the thrift shops whom recently I've been in contact with.

The dream proceeds to continue with us being chased through this theater, which is massive and dim lit. I was inside a very tall and older dark building of some sort. My girlfriend accompanied me as we made our way through this confusing place. She had the agenda of chasing some small child who had her belongings.

Throughout this building she was ahead of me and I would try and make haste to catch up. However I walked the halls mostly alone in search for her, and in search for reason. Instead behind every door and twisting hallway was a shady character who didn't seem right. They would usually make a sneering face and gawk at my misfortune. Some were recognizable; others were not. I ended up outside after looking out of the 2nd or 3rd story window.

There seemed to be a construction truck blinking underneath where I was standing in what looked to be a drive through garage. I managed to lay eyes on my girlfriend out there. Eventually making my way outside I remember chasing her down the block as the child had matched on to a moving truck and was being chased by her down the block just passed a large parking lot full of departing vehicles. Wouldn't you know; she made a right at the corner and ran back into that devilish building yet again.

Of course I chased in after her with protection on my mind. I wanted to make sure she wasn't going to be trapped in what I had expected to be a bad situation Inside I found her almost unconscious laying on a couch. Somehow I was back in our apartment with her. After much effort I awoke her and told her about my 'dream. She was shocked and we shared experiences which just so happen to match. She then began acting strangely; almaot as if she were drunk and in a daze the next phase began.

I was in my home with a mix of both of our cousins. Some were a lot younger as I remember them from childhood I peered through our bedroom door crack, which allowed me just enough room to see our cousins sleeping in what is now our living room. I knew at this moment that I must be dreaming but was utterly helpless.

As my suspicion began so did most of the terror. Up to this point there was an extremely eerie feeling throughout the dreams where I would only attempt to find my way back to reality, only to find a different sense of reality with people who weren't like people at all.

They were more dark energy keeping me confused as to not allow escape. My girlfriend and I had marveled at the fact that I was trapped in layers of dreams and that we had shared the same experience. What seemed like a split second later she was gone again None would wake no matter what I did. My friends dog, who is a sweet dog and best friends with my yellow lab-retriever entered the dream and quickly became hostile. His white hair slowly turned black and he began viciously attacking my arms.

I managed to push him off and carry him down our staircase where I threw him outside. Through the small window I could see him in all his dark black coat string at me as he lay down beside the front door waiting. This is the point in my dream where I lost it and began to panic. I had no idea how to wake myself up so I defaulted to the only thing I believed would help.

I had to toss and turn and attempt to send a scream to my actual girlfriend who is sleeping next to me. Surely if she hears me request something in my dreams she'll help me out. After hearing strange curdling noises from upstairs I decided to turn on all the lights in my hallway and punch the wall as hard as I could while screaming on the top of my lungs "WAKE ME UP!

I awoke in my bed. Still skeptical; I woke my girlfriend up and I asked her if we were dreaming. She is so sweet she took my fave and said "No baby I was the most reassuring look of concern I have ever received. We hugged and I began to explain how I have just seen hell. After a few thankful tears I began doing some research in hopes to stay awake and not slip away into another oblivion. I am now writing this Matt your comments in the last few paragraphs, beginning at the point where you say 'you lost it and began to panic' and continuing through to the WAKE ME UP!

So much of what has been written in so many people's comments on this thread is very familiar to me - in various forms, I've been experiencing this sort of thing for over 15 years and perhaps at least once as a teenager as I recall something that terrified me back then too. This false reality, for me, and the part of trying to Really wake up, often also includes turning on a bedside lamp which although I hear the click of the switch won't turn on - this is the best clue I am given during the false awakenings that I am experiencing them again.

Weirdly, I've even felt the heat on my face from the unlit lamp But I was compelled to write this where you wrote "wake me up"!!

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  • I SO know what that's like. I have had a repeated waking from a dream dream and it has a common thread to assorted mundane variations. In the dream world I awake to I have the ability to 'surf' on air, by taking the right speed, height and angled jump I can then travel through the air at about two to three feet above the ground. It does require concentration and balance.

    Dreaming a Reality Dreaming a Reality
    Dreaming a Reality Dreaming a Reality
    Dreaming a Reality Dreaming a Reality
    Dreaming a Reality Dreaming a Reality
    Dreaming a Reality Dreaming a Reality
    Dreaming a Reality Dreaming a Reality
    Dreaming a Reality Dreaming a Reality
    Dreaming a Reality Dreaming a Reality
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