The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing

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clear vision with the right lens

You are so creative. I am preparing for my first skiing season. I am year-old women who is going to have her first skiing trip. We are going to Slovakia. At the beginning of December, I am going to the US and want to buy myself a good skiing jacket. Actually, I have found good reviews on several sites, so I believe it is a good choice. First of all, I love the plain minimalistic design.

Maybe they are nice, but not for me. Do you have any comments on my choice? Will appreciate any input. I am buying the jacket for at least seasons, therefore I need to have a durable and comfortable piece of wear.

Arcteryx makes great gear. You can check it out here: My best discovery was merino wool.

How to find the right ski goggle: Lenses, sizes & fit guide

Me and my family every year we go skiing to Alps. And we all wera merino wool clothes. We bought shirt and pants for my wife, kids and myself from green-rose.

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They keeps us warm but does not let us sweat. This jacket is super warm for how lightweight it is and it provides an added layer against chilly winds. This jacket is also great for other activities like spring hiking, camping, and traveling abroad due to how packable it is. All the cool kids are wearing them. In all seriousness though, nothing is going to ruin a good day on the hill or your life more than a head injury.

The air vents near the forehead help prevent the dreaded goggle fog, and the Allure model comes in a variety of attractive colors. I have the white in size small. Before you buy, measure your head circumference and refer to this size chart to ensure a snug and proper fit. Also, I always wore the same pair, no matter what the lighting conditions were. The Smith lens use anti-fog technology to keep the lens clear. You might have an awesome run only to be followed by a run where you fall more, feel less confident, and need more encouragement.

Skiing is the same, especially as the conditions on the mountain change and you get tired. Most of the time I was skiing was just spent with my instructor since my friends were all at a different level. There were plenty of slopes for me as a beginner, plenty of red slopes for the intermediate guys, and plenty of off-piste back-country slopes as well. Everyone was happy that way and the scenery was incredible.

"A Skier's Guide To Flow"

There are tons of things you can do other than skiing in mountains like the Alps in Austria. My personal favorite was sledding down the green slopes. You just take the gondola up, perhaps have a schnapps or two at the alm at the top, then sled back down, rinse, repeat. Extra points if you get into a snowball fight partway through. It was so much fun! If I can do it, you can too.

If you have any tips to add for skiing for beginners, add them in the comments! That said, these tips ring true regardless. But the upside is the lower price range of these goggles. With spherical lenses , you get the perfect view because they are curved on horizontal as well as on vertical axis.

What to Wear Skiing: The Ultimate Skiing Apparel Guide - Bearfoot Theory

The curve of the lens is similar to your eyes and will cause less distortion and also allows more space between your face and the lens, therefore more airflow and less fogging. Another advantage of spherical lenses is the ability to distribute and diminish the amount of glare. There is no easy answer to this question. Nowadays lenses come in almost all colors of the rainbow. There is more to it than just the color of the tint of your lens, you should also pay attention to the Visible Light Transmission VLT. Therefore this number can decide whether you can see anything on the mountain, whether you have a perfect day out or a disaster day!

If you expect a bluebird day , call for the lower number of the VLT. You will be perfectly protected from the sun glare and the UV rays. Often you also find S values instead of the VLT value on goggles. The categories S0 to S4 stand for the level of UV protection — 0 means low protection, 4 high protection. It is basically just another way to express the different VLT percentages.


If you are looking for a lens that has it all, we have bad news for you, unfortunately, there is no perfect all-rounder which would guarantee you perfect vision under any conditions. In addition, there are some technologies available on the market that guarantee better vision under different conditions.

These include, for example, the vario technology , which can adjust the tint of the lenses to changing weather conditions — typically the VLT value can change by two categories e. Another revolutionary lens technology is Prizm from Oakley. Goggles with Prizm technology can not only perform over a wider range of lighting conditions but also significantly enhance contrast and visibility. In the table below you find an overview of which VLT value equals which S value and when to best use which glasses.

Please be aware that there are small but fine differences amongst various brands. But weather does what it wants , drops the temperatures and brings the clouds just after a couple of laps. Some brands took this example to their hearts and came up with smart lens changing systems.

Ski Equipment For Beginners

So easy, that you can get it done within couple of seconds and easy moves. Wherever and whenever you need to change your lenses, depending on the weather.

Beginner’s Guide to Skiing

You can find following systems, they usually vary according to each producer:. Click system from K2. You can count on all goggles having a ventilation system. Some are working really good and some, well… are less effective.

Such ventilation is key to keeping your lenses fog free. If the space between your face and the lens has enough airflow, it keeps your lense from steaming up and therefore it keeps your vision clear.

The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing
The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing
The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing
The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing
The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing
The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing
The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing
The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing
The Complete Guide to Flow Skiing

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