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Social worker turned full-time young adult writer, born in Illinois but moved with family to New York City when she was seven. While working as a camp nurse, Cherry follows a trail that ultimately leads to the true perpetrator of a series of robberies and exonerates a hard-working young man who had been under suspicion. For Sale Cherry helps unravel the problems that cause the breakdown of a frightened young man. One of the strangest cases of Cherry Ames' absorbing career comes her way while working as a staff nurse at Hilton Hospital in her home town. A young man, victim of a car accident, is brought to Emergency with a broken leg.

Shortly after he is admitted to the hospital, the doctors discover that "Bob Smith" has been suffering from amnesia for several months.

Cherry Ames Nursing Series Boxed Set Books 9 12 Cruise Nurse, Boarding School Nurse, Department Stor

Where is his home? What tragic happening caused such distress that his memory is a blank? Answers to these questions must be found if "Bob" is to be cured. Working under the direction of the medical and psychiatric doctors, Cherry plays a crucial role in helping the patient to get well and to find a solution to the dilemma that caused his "flight from memory.

During her free time, Cherry follows up obscure clues and encounters suspiciously difficult people and an alarmingly tangled situation. Here is a fascinating story that will be long remembered by the lovable nurse heroine's legions of admirers, both young and young at heart. For Sale A private duty case takes Cherry to a remote Canadian island, where intrigue surrounds a mining operation. Little does Nurse Cherry realize when distinguished Sir Ian Barclay is rushed by his nephew Lloyd to Hilton Hospital that her newest case will carry her north to misty, sea-beaten Balfour Island, off the rugged coast of wind-swept Newfoundland.

Joe Fortune had quickly diagnosed, and Cherry is assigned to care for the truculent but endearing old Scotsman. Cherry soon suspects that more than illness is worrying the peppery owner of the Balfour Iron Mines, and her suspicions only deepen upon their arrival at Barclay House on Balfour Island. True, there is trouble at the mines.

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But the mysterious actions of Sir Ian's erstwhile friend, Jock Cameron, force Cherry to conclude that trouble of even greater consequence is in the making. What hold does the industrialist Broderick have over Sir Ian? The startling solution to this baffling mystery waits for Cherry in three different places: But first Cherry must face the effects of an island storm, as she and the island doctor struggle to save the crew of a shoal-wrecked boat. For Sale Cherry, an Iowa public health nurse, suspects an abandoned farmhouse holds a secret. As a public health nurse in Iowa, Cherry works with federal authorities to quash the manufacture and distribution of a bogus remedy and discovers the secret of a decrepit, abandoned farmhouse.

When Cherry Ames learns that the new patient in her ward is using the proceeds from her deceased husband's life insurance to speculate in stock, she judges her foolish. And when the young woman explains the Pell Corporation investment program, Cherry suspects that her patient is being swindled. Even more serious, Peggy Wilmot is jeopardizing her health.

Cherry Ames Boxed Set 17-20

For emotional tension over the delayed arrival of her weekly dividend check is retarding her recovery. But how can Cherry influence the headstrong young woman who seeks financial help from the wrong people?

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Find out the truth about the Pell Corporation, Cherry decides, and let the facts speak for themselves. Some of the vital questions to which Cherry must find the answers are: What are the Pell Corporation's actual operations as distinguished from the fantastic claims made in its impressive brochures?

Is the mysterious Cleveland Pell really the financial wizard he claims to be? Busy with ward duty and a training program for teen-age junior volunteers at Hilton Hospital, Cherry does not have much time for another extracurricular task. But the plight of Peggy Wilmot is too serious to be ignored. What Cherry learns in the mysterious world of the "high finance" confidence game will surprise the reader as much as it does America's favorite nurse heroine. Cherry's job as nurse to the well-known historical novelist Martha Logan would be an exciting assignment for any young and pretty RN.

And it is doubly exciting for Cherry, for when the author goes to England to do research for her next book, Cherry goes along as companion nurse. But the glamour of new acquaintances and the thrill of seeing famous historic places is soon overshadowed by disturbing events. Martha Logan and Cherry visit the Selsam Gallery in London--it is robbed of a fortune in art treasures. Several days later they are enjoying the famous Carewe private collection--when four masterpieces are cut from their frames!

Are the thefts somehow connected with their visits?

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Have some of their new acquaintances used Martha to help them perpetrate the thefts? Or is it merely coincidence that the places the two visit are robbed? Cherry thinks the evidence says NO. It takes all the ingenuity and courage of the alert and pretty young nurse to fit the odd, baffling clues together and unmask the criminals in time to prevent another theft of priceless art. When Cherry Ames is offered a temporary assignment to help establish a health clinic in a small native African village, she sees it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Cherry Ames Unofficial Home Page

Not only will she be visiting a strange and exciting part of the world--but, more importantly, she will have a chance to help the underprivileged people of a very poor country. But no sooner has the clinic been built than Cherry finds herself caught up in the midst of a mysterious chain of events. Rough diamonds are being smuggled out of Africa--and Cherry's acute observations lead her to believe that the clinic itself is the base of the smugglers' operations! By carefully putting together obscure bits and pieces of evidence, and at great personal danger to herself, Cherry sets a trap for the criminals.

How the alert and pretty young nurse from the United States manages to put an end to an international smuggling ring provides a whirlwind finish to a fascinating story of mystery and intrigue. As a doctor's office nurse in New York City, Cherry Ames faces new challenges and makes some extraordinary new friends.

First in importance is her dynamo of an employer, Dr. Glamorous theatrical patients flock to his Victorian brownstone offices. His assistant, young Dr. Grey Russell, plays a vital role in Cherry's eventful summer--and so do funny little elderly Dr. Lamb and the strangely moody medical secretary Irene Wick.

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Among the interesting, colorful people Cherry meets are a stricken ballet dancer, her handsome actor husband, and their adorable baby, who move into the vacant top floor of the brownstone. And when her nurse friends, with whom she shares an apartment in Greenwich Village, inherit an old house near a beach in a charming summer resort area of eastern Long Island, Cherry foresees especially gay, carefree weekends. But Cherry's expectations are soon shattered.

Confronted by a mysterious, alarming series of events, the pretty nurse finds that she needs all of her detective skills when the clue of the dinosaur plunges her into the center of intrigue. Cherry Ames is thrilled to be working in a picturesque ski resort town in the Swiss Alps. The town's only doctor has employed her to assist him in his ten-bed hospital.

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  6. Within 24 hours after starting her new assignment, Cherry encounters a hostile, menacing patient who seeks emergency medical care at the hospital. A few days later, other suspicious persons turn up at the hotel where she is living, and Cherry finds herself deeply enmeshed in an unknown danger. Val Nicholas, a handsome ski instructor, helps Cherry to track down the source of the mysterious danger.

    Together, Val and Cherry undertake a perilous journey on skies, to protect her own life and to save the life of a sick man who is being victimized. It takes all of the vivacious and pretty young nurse's courage and stamina to expose an ingenious racket and trap a group of ruthless criminals Cherry Ames' Book of First Aid and Home Nursing Cherry Ames, popular heroine of the famous series of nursing stories, gives you hundreds of fascinating nursing facts and shows you how you can apply them in the home, at school, at camp, wherever you may be.

    How to make a first-aid kit. What to do in an emergency.

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    How to make and apply bandages and dressings. Treatment for shock may save a life. First aid for wounds. How to treat burns and blisters. How to help a patient get well.

    Cherry Ames Boxed Set 17-20 Cherry Ames Boxed Set 17-20
    Cherry Ames Boxed Set 17-20 Cherry Ames Boxed Set 17-20
    Cherry Ames Boxed Set 17-20 Cherry Ames Boxed Set 17-20
    Cherry Ames Boxed Set 17-20 Cherry Ames Boxed Set 17-20
    Cherry Ames Boxed Set 17-20 Cherry Ames Boxed Set 17-20

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