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Many of those breweries are local institutions that have real connections with the community. That makes things a lot more fun, after all. Our real estate agents know you're looking for many things in a community to call your own, and it doesn't hurt if there's plenty of exciting events on the social calendar.

Stone's Throw Down Happens September 8

One milestone that locals remember every year is the annual Stone's Throw Down, always sponsored by Stone Brewing. It's the top local music and craft beer festival, and it's taking place on Brown's Island this coming Saturday, September 8. Music and craft brews go hand in hand, and that's obvious at the Stone's Throw Down. In an industry that moves fast and is known for its compelling stories, Stone's Throw Brewery still stands apart: It's been around since , riding one of the earliest waves of the next-gen brewing craze.

And it's been running Stone's Throw, the biggest local party, for many years.

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  3. Whirlpool!

Everything goes to benefit deserving charities that contribute to a thriving Richmond: Smooth craft brews are a big draw, and you'll get to enjoy all of the biggest hits produced by the legendary Stone Brewery. Of course, the musical acts are the real highlight here.

Brown's Island is the remarkable venue for this spectacular music extravaganza. It also hosts the Friday Cheers Concert Series and is a popular waypoint during charity marathons. Keep your eyes peeled for the historical exhibits and public art that enliven Brown's Island as you mingle with other music fans. A full range of amenities will be available, and you'll also be able to bring your folding chairs to the show if you wish.

When you choose to attend the festival, you'll become part of the story that has helped so many in Richmond. It's easy to get excited about all Richmond has to offer when you've got the benefit of the best experience on your side. Our team is dedicated to making things easier for you: From the house hunt until closing day and even beyond!

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Bela Fleck - Throw Down Your Heart (2008) - Full Movie

Subscribe and receive email notifications of new blog posts. Throw Down Your Stones! God never ceases to amaze me with His kindness and character. It is beyond our comprehension but is it ours to receive. Remember that you are a conduit for others to receive the love, kindness and forgiveness of God Even Jesus took donations but had to pay taxes on what He received. I truly believe God will bless you if you bless us. We thank YOU, our dear readers, for blessing us with your generosity.

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  • I was strongly convicted recently as I saw a couple walking down the street. By all appearances my mind immediately began to conclude that they probably were living in deep sin and even started judging the type of sin they were living in. The Holy Spirit interrupted me, whispering, "But what if they are crying out on the inside to find Me and they need a miracle just to make it through this day? What if one of them is considering taking their life unless something good happens today?

    And what if you are the only person that I can touch them through to find Me since I allowed you to see them?

    Bill Yount: Throw Down Your Stones!

    Throw down your stones. Help me to never pick up another stone! I sensed strongly that they were not being pure before the Lord in their relationship. I asked the young girl if I could talk with her and her boyfriend. Since I knew this was going to be a "divine" confrontation concerning their lifestyle of dating, I began putting the Scriptures together that would surely convict them of their sin.

    The evening before I was to meet with them I had all the Scriptures ready with both barrels loaded and my trigger finger was itchy. Laying down to go to sleep that night, the Lord seemed to walk right into my bedroom and spoke to me.

    Fr. Tom Washburn, OFM

    Don't bring up anything about what you think or even know how they are living. Just tell them, 'I have a great call of God on their lives and it's right on schedule! The Lord stripped me of my ammunition! The next day as they sat down with me I said to them, "I just want you to know that you both have a great call of God on your lives, and it's right on schedule! Immediately, their countenance changed. I think they were surprised that I didn't bring up what they thought I knew about their lifestyle. Then they were in shock and awe that God Almighty Himself, the One who really knows everything, would see them through the eyes of grace instead of their sin.

    I am learning when we speak to the spirit of a person their spirit rises, but when we speak to their flesh, their flesh rises.

    Throw Down Your Stones Throw Down Your Stones
    Throw Down Your Stones Throw Down Your Stones
    Throw Down Your Stones Throw Down Your Stones
    Throw Down Your Stones Throw Down Your Stones
    Throw Down Your Stones Throw Down Your Stones
    Throw Down Your Stones Throw Down Your Stones

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