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There is a constant to-and-fro movement between these media where for example a painting may become animated and circle back into painting again. The media have a symbiotic relationship. Working through one medium influences and affects the other. It is a kind of practical dialogue. I was already painting and drawing at a very early age, and the origins of my fascination with animation can be traced back to two important events that took place when I was about six years old. My eldest brother Eamon had done a course in animation in Derry and he brought back a video camera.

He demonstrated how to make animation and helped all his younger siblings to make several short pieces. I was instantly addicted to the whole process. Animation is a strange alchemy that still surprises me. It is also very akin to a game and I still think of the whole process in this way. I was completely enthralled by this film, and seeing it at such a young age had the most profound effect on me. It is an incredibly accurate portrayal of how a child experiences and negotiates with the bizarre phenomenon of reality. In that film there was no shielding from the terrifying, uncanny aspects of this reality like there are in many films made for children.

This darkness has had a very deep resonance for me. So much so that the uncanny is now present in nearly every artwork I make, as an authentication of the alternate reality I am creating. I consider animation to be a distillation of real time, which hints at film s fundamental deceptive illusion.

These animated sequences are fractured thoughts or reflections on the paintings. It is a process of appropriation, authentication and destruction. The way I animate my oil paintings actually achieves the opposite effect because it constantly erases its history. Animation enables me to go beyond the boundaries of painting, without negating painting itself. The paintings are no longer static; they move and become sculptural entities. After watching the animation the viewer s relationship with the physical object of the painting is fundamentally altered. The act of looking becomes infused with an uncanny undercurrent.

What role does absurdity play in your work? Albert Camus wrote that the most absurd character is the creator. So I think absurdity is present in a variety of ways in the art and the daily practice of being an artist. For instance, I understand the uncanny as a subsidiary of the absurd that is tinged with fear. The very fact that making art is treated as a game by myself and many other artists, such as Rauch or Borremans highlights its absurdity. Essentially, what interests me is the presence of absurdity in the perspective of the viewer when they encounter the work.

Although they can perceive an underlying logic and structure in the work they do not know the exact intention of the artist. So in effect they are in the absurd position of interpretation, where the range possibilities are made manifold as they are generated by their own imagination. In this moment of interpretation or interaction a silent imperceptible exchange takes place that is saturated with absurdity, as images and ideas shift and mingle under the omnipotence of subjectivity. There is a growing preoccupation in your work with figures such as Borges, Flann O Brien and Kafka all writers who play with ideas of the infinite, the circular and the labyrinthine all thinkers interested in bending time It seems that not only the ideas have importance in your work, but the presence of these writers too.

These concepts and writers have had an exponential fascination for me, particularly their ability to imbue fantastic surreal concepts with an everyday plausibility. I m interested in the varied dimensions of temporality. There are vast differences in the stillness of the painting to the staccato movement of the animation or the apparent passage of time in reality. Condensing space and language temporally into a single discussion between these writers, as I did in Babble, was a way of formalizing the idea of how we unconsciously build something new from the multitude of influences we absorb.

The film explores Roland Barthes theories about The Death of the Author and his postulation that literature and art are nothing but a spectrum of quotations. O Brien preceded Barthes hypothesis, stating, The entire corpus of existing literature should be regarded as a limbo from which discerning authors could draw their characters as required. I m interested in the emerging interest in theatre too. At times this is manifested as the Kino or cinema and at other times as the more traditional stage surrounded by theatre blacks.

Is this the creation of a place beyond time in Babble I think the protagonists debate their location, arguing for eternity, paradise or hell? They exist in eternity in a void of darkness in the recesses of the mind. It is quite literally a black box or chambre noire.

Jörg Haider: Unfall, Mord oder Attentat? (Zum 10. Todestag vom 11.10.2018) - 11.10.2018 - zuqivuxuki.tk

Of course it is informed and influenced Samuel Beckett s work, such as The Unnamable or Waiting for Godot, hence the theatrical space. How does the theatrical space you re creating relate to the basic issue of representation? In Babble, Flann O Brien describes the whole monster procession of life as a sort of epiphenomenal magic lantern show, too dim, too dull, too intolerably indistinct I am the shadow on the wall of the cave mentioned by Plato.

This takes us back to one of the founding statements on the nature of representation with Plato s Cave. Is the theatrical space surrounded by blacks a more contemporary version of this? I actually made a short animation entitled Kino, which deals with Plato s Allegory of the Cave explicitly, but where the film projector replaces the fire in the casting of shadows.

This reference is subtler in Babble. In effect the actors are merely shadows or vestiges of the identities of the writers they represent exactly as elucidated by Flann O Brien. The theatrical space communicates the distortion and illusion of any form of representation more honestly. The limits of understanding are hinted at through the structure of the conversation. The focus on language in your most recent work and on the interaction of several languages Babble and the phenomenon of translation Palabras.

Is this another means of destabilizing a sense of self, as ideas and meaning move through various dialects? Another way of interrogating the accuracy or lack of it in representation? Babble is structured as a verbal labyrinth that references that recurrent theme in all their literature. This is the precise reason why there are no subtitles. Although the conversation is complex and entirely coherent, to most viewers only one language is intelligible. The incomprehensibility of the other two languages highlights the fundamental musical beauty inherent in the structure and sound of each sentence.

The film exposes the inherent confusions and limits to language. It emphasizes the fragility of self, or the illusion of self. Babble could be considered as a self-portrait generated from a multitude of extant appropriated material.


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A portrait built completely of influences, which have a particular resonance. Babble draws attention to the immortality of these writers through the infinite repetition and the consumption of their words. Likewise it s possible to trace a persistent questioning of personal identity in the work, particularly the animation xi. At times, it seems as if the animation is employed as a means to destabilize the more settled identity in your portraits of Beckett, Baudrillard, Borges and Wilde for instance.

I am interested in portraiture, not as a means of recording personality, but rather the opposite, the dissolution of personality through time and subjectivity. The people portrayed in the paintings are usually literary figures, who through the very act of writing have created a secondary persona running in tangent to the true personality but enduring for much longer. This series of installations take the form of stereoscopic mirror images each comprised of two oil paintings and one animation.

The illusion of movement is created through the manipulation of wet oil paint until the painting becomes completely abstracted into a thick impasto. The animation highlights the fragility of the image and its constant metamorphosis through repeated viewing. It complicates the element of time in painting by merging it with the precepts of filmic time. This creates an interesting vacuum between movement and inertia, figuration and abstraction. The portraits are a kind of homage to the figures they portray, but they also play on the sheer remoteness of these artists and their work. The video literally reanimates the figures in a game of subjective projection, distorting and effacing the original image.

I have taken this investigation of the failure of perception and representation further in the series of 24 paintings entitled, Stills Carol Anne , which I developed over the last three months during a residency at the British School at Rome. The illusion of movement created through the animation imbues the paintings with a sculptural quality that generates a spatial depth, making the succession of images appear threedimensional. Therefore it is through the progression of time that the spatial element of the painting is revealed.

I am interested in the failure inherent in any form of representation and the attempt to reconcile the discrepancies with a perceived reality. Again, the figure is shown represented in a void of darkness that links it more to a dream reality than any waking reality.

I feel the difference between the animated video and the installation of paintings is similar to the contrast between a flat map of the world and a globe, in that, certain elements have been lost in translation so that other aspects can be distinguished with greater clarity. The linear display of the paintings inverts this inward gaze onto a single point. This transposes the reality depicted into a panoramic frieze, highlighting the impossibility of an overall view. Stills Carol Anne , pg. Fotografie, Animation, Film, Malerei, Zeichnen. Wenn man mit einem Medium arbeitet, beeinflusst und betrifft es auch das andere.

Es ist eine Art praktischer Dialog. Ich war von diesem Prozess sofort vollkommen eingenommen. Die Bilder sind nicht mehr statisch; sie bewegen sich und werden zu skulpturartigen Gebilden. Das Betrachten wird mit einem unheimlichen Unterton unterlegt. Welche Rolle spielt das Absurde in Ihrem Werk? Albert Camus hat geschrieben, dass der absurdeste Charakter der Erschaffer ist. Mein Hauptinteresse liegt darin, inwiefern das Absurde im Blick des Betrachters auf ein Kunstwerk vorhanden ist.

O Brien hat der Aussage Roland Barthes vorausgegangen: The entire corpus of existing literature should be regarded as a limbo from which discerning authors could draw their characters as required. Sie existieren in einer dunklen Leere in einem verborgenen Winkel des Geistes. Dieser Bezug ist in Babble subtiler gehalten. Ist dies ein weiteres xv. Babble ist als verbales Labyrinth strukturiert, eine Anspielung auf dieses in ihrer gesamten Literatur immer wiederkehrende Thema.

Der Film legt die ihr innewohnenden Verwirrungen und die Grenzen der Sprache offen. Er betont die Zerbrechlichkeit des Selbst, oder die Illusion des Selbst. Das Element der Zeit beim Malen wird dadurch thematisiert, dass die Malerei mit den Regeln der filmischen Zeit vereint wird. So entsteht ein interessantes Vakuum zwischen Bewegung und Stillstand, Verbildlichung und Abstraktion. Auch hier wird die Figur in einer dunklen Leere dargestellt, die sie eher mit einer Traumwirklichkeit als mit einer wachen Wirklichkeit in Verbindung bringt.

I am the shadow on the wall of the cave mentioned by Plato. I am the second one from the left in the grey frock and dundrearies. My wish is that I should not be disturbed. Please do not speak to me. I appear, perhaps, to make requests, to ask favours, to issue commands? This is a misunderstanding, I ask for nothing. These be the merest of ghost imperatives they are the expression not of the gross, unsublimated, merely human will, but of wisdom, humility, holiness, greatness, the projection temporally of qualities unfamiliar even to the dead and the unborn. I have, I warn you, been both and speak on this difficult matter with authority.

You can trust me entirely. Just make yourself at home and don t be afraid. I won t compel you either to stay or to go away. Do I have to tell you that? Do you know me so little? Machen Sie sich nur breit ohne Angst. Ich werde Sie weder zum Hierbleiben zwingen, noch zum Weggehn. Muss ich das erst sagen? Kennen Sie mich so schlecht? I say at last because it s already quite late. I can t understand why you ve come so late. Ich bin ja so froh, dass Sie endlich hier sind. Ich sage endlich weil es schon so spaet ist.

Es ist mir unbegreiflich, warum Sie so spaet gekommen sind. Maybe, however, there is only one main sin: Because of the impatience they have been expelled, because of the impatience they do not return. Do you believe that the deity is able to create a place that is not paradise? Do you believe that the Fall is something other than not realizing that we are in paradise. D you have bad dreams? Why have men spent centuries seeking to overcome the awakened body? Perhaps our dream will end, perhaps it won t.

Meanwhile, our clear obligation is to accept the dream, as we have accepted the universe and our having been brought into it and the fact that we see with our eyes and that we breathe. JLB Don t you realize that the first thing to find out is whether there is only one man dreaming, or two men dreaming eachother. FOB Have you read Kafka? All this is like a dream.

At first I had considered him to be as singular as the phoenix of rhetorical praise; after frequenting his pages a bit, I came to think I could recognize his voice, or his practices, in texts from diverse literatures and periods. I am not interested in what a man can publish abroad to other men; like a philosopher, I think that nothing can be communicated by the art of writing I have never grasped for long the difference between one letter and another.

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Kafka is too sweet and tenuous for you, I m sure. He somehow lacks that tough metaphysical quality that is so typically Irish. Less sensitive to verbal decorum than their detested Lords, Less inclined to pour their eyes upon the smooth moon or to decipher the impermanence of rivers in long freeverse laments, they made deep incursions into the territory of English letters, pruning all rhetorical exhuberance with frank impiety. The modern novel should largely be a work of reference.

Most authors spend their time saying what has been said before usually said much better. A wealth of references to existing works would acquaint the reader instantaneously with the nature of each character 61 JLB Is that a quotation? There is nothing but quotations left for us. Our langauge is a system of quotations.

La lengua es un sistema de citas. Oscar Hernandez Rodriguez Production Assistant: There is no new thing upon the earth. So that as Plato had an imagination, that all knowledge was but remembrance; so Solomon giveth his sentence, that all novelty is but oblivion. Francis Bacon 1 D How odd we are two yet we are one. But then nothing is odd in dreams. JLB Then all this is a dream?

D It is, I am sure, my last dream. JLB All I dream about now is dead men. D Maybe I m not cut out to be dead, but this place and this conversation seem like a dream to me, and not a dream that I am dreaming, either. More like a dream dreamed by somebody else, somebody that s not born yet. I too am Jorge Luis Borges. Usted se llama Jorge Luis Borges.


Its odious fate makes me odious as well 8 like David, who sits in judgement on a stranger and sentences him to death, and then hears the revelation: Thou art that man. D at any moment I may fade into that which is unknown to me, and still I dream these dreams of my double that tiresome subject I got from Stevenson and mirrors. El fatigado tema que me dieron los espejos y Stevenson.

D Oh destiny of Borges to have grown old in so many mirrors to have seen things that men see, death, the sluggish dawn, the plains, and the delicate stars, and to have seen nothing, or almost nothing Oh destiny of Borges, perhaps no stranger than your own. JLB The least things in the universe must be secret mirrors to the greatest. D The Pleasures of this world would be the torments of Hell, seen backwards, in a mirror.

We ve always been here. In and he organised the exhibition programme of the Gagosian Gallery, Berlin, a project by the Wrong Gallery. He lives and works in Berlin and Hanover. Martin Germann lebt und arbeitet in Berlin und Hannover. From he was director of Glasgow International. Since he has been the director of the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. He is also lecturer and research fellow at Glasgow School of Art, working on the development of open source ideologies. Francis McKee worked previously as an historian of medicine for the Wellcome Trust. Babble, Haus des Buches, Leipzig, Germany.

Dreams Reoccuring, Leipzig, Germany. Spinnerei Report , Leipzig, Germany. Diesel, Stephan, David O Kane: O Brien, Paul, New-media art: The Zabludowicz Collection, England. The Trapaga-Fonalledas family collection, Puerto Rico. Bank of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland. Academie Minerva, Groningen, The Netherlands. AP Deutsch Sommerpaket The AP German exam is designed to test your language proficiency your ability to use the German language to speak, listen, read and write.

All the grammar concepts and. Workshop Quality Assurance Forum How do connotations of to learn and to teach influence learning and teaching? Review Euroshop Schweitzer at EuorShop Handel nicht nur denken, sondern auch tun und immer wieder Neues wagen, kreieren und kombinieren das war auch diesmal unser Thema an der EuroShop To show evidence of your independent work by using an electronic Portfolio i.

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The filing system provides an Explorer-like structure in WinClient. Guten Morgen, Frau Minor! Guten Morgen, Herr Boss! Frau Minor, bald steht. Exercise Part XI Notes: The sign is you personal number to be used in all exercises. Look at how people say farewell in German.

Look at how people. Lernaufgabe Let s make our school nicer Your task: Let s make our school nicer Imagine the SMV wants to make our school nicer and has asked YOU for your help, because you have learnt a lot about British. Inequality Utilitarian and Capabilities Perspectives and what they may imply for public health 1 Utilitarian Perspectives on Inequality 2 Inequalities matter most in terms of their impact onthelivesthatpeopleseektoliveandthethings,.

International Week The poetry of school. Bernard s class, school. Reading tasks passend zu: Open World 1 Unit 4 student s book Through a telescope p.

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Unterrichtsmaterialien in digitaler und in gedruckter Form Auszug aus: Grammatik Das komplette Material finden Sie hier: Die Motivation lieferte eine Seite im Physikbuch. Episode 05 Haven't We Met Before? Anna takes the music box to the clockmaker for repairs. But it's more than just a job for Paul Winkler. He tells Anna he knows her from way back. How to read this book. Or, Progress in Provence, by nikiabrl at 2: Fett on the iTunes Store. Or, Progress in Provence.

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Navigating Climate Change Policy. To The Edge by Cindy Gerard. Find out more Conservation of Shared Environments is now available! This first volume of. A Man Death Valley and the Mystery of.

WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition) WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition)
WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition) WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition)
WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition) WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition)
WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition) WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition)
WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition) WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition)
WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition) WordPress - Anwenderhandbuch für Mitarbeiter, Autoren und Redakteure. (German Edition)

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